All About CBD

All About CBD

We proudly stock Floyd's of Leadville CBD products. Do you want to know if CBD is right for you? Read on. 
Pure CBD Oil

First things first: 

What is CBD? 
CBD stands for "Cannabidiol".  This is the most abundant "cannabinoid" found in the hemp plant. It is often described as the part of the plant that affects your body as opposed to your head or, "non-psychoactive".

What is the difference between Isolate and Full-Sprectrum? 
Isolate CBD oil is made using only select parts of the plant to ensure that not a trace of THC is present. Full Spectrum CBD oil is made using the whole plant. Full spectrum CBD oil contains traces of THC alongside trace amounts of Terpenes. The combination of these two produces "The Entourage Effect". This term describes the three parts of the hemp plant working in conjunction for maximum efficacy. The difference is often compared to vitamin absorption: It is overall better to absorb vitamins from whole foods than capsules as the other elements of the food potentiate the effects of the vitamins. HOWEVER,  some people strongly prefer to have 0% THC hemp oil. This is for a variety of reasons.

Will CBD Oil Appear on a Drug Screening? 
CBD Isolate is 100% THC Free, making them safe for people concerned about drug screenings. Full-Spectrum CBD contains trace amounts, less than 3% THC. In the right circumstances, this could trigger a failed drug screening if taken in massive doses, for long periods of time, or right before a drug screening. If you are at all concerned about THC appearing as marijuana in your system, take Isolate. 

What is CBD used for? 
According to, CBD has a wide range of medical uses. Most seriously, CBD is used to treat severe childhood epilepsy syndromes. The FDA has recently approved cannabis-derived medicine for many of these conditions. The relaxing physical effects of CBD are also used to treat insomnia and anxiety. 

What does this have to do with bikes
Athletes at all levels used CBD oil to rest and recover from training. Some studies suggest that CBD oil promotes inter-cellular signal communication which aids in muscle recovery. The physical calming effects of CBD are also known to help treat chronic pain from injuries and disease. No one knows this better than Floyd Landis, the creator of Floyd's of Leadville CBD products, a chronic-pain sufferer, and Tour d'France winner. 

Now that we understand what CBD is, read on to learn more about what makes Floyd's of Leadville CBD products the finest quality available. 

CBD Gummies and Tincture
Floyd's of Leadville uses a 3rd party testing facility to get exact measurements of all the components of their products. These results are available on a batch-by-batch basis using the QR code on the back of the packaging or viewable at this link here. 

Floyd's of Leadville makes CBD products in a range of doses and formats so that you have the most control over your consumption. The most precise delivery method is the Tincture droppers but it's easy to maintain your dosage with packs of 10mg gummy gems or  50mg singles. 
It's Local

Floyd Landis is a Lancaster, Pennsylvania native. Though currently headquartered in Leadville, Colorado, Floyd is opening a location called "Lancaster Cafe" right here in Pennsylvania that will be supplied with 100% Lancaster-grown hemp. Supporting Floyd's of Leadville supports our local agricultural economy. 
Come by the shop anytime to learn more and try it for yourself. 
Photo of Floyd Landis from @FloydsofLeadville on Instagram.