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Customized Bikes

What does 'customized' actually mean?

"Customized" means the bike is a reflection of you - your riding style, your favorite colors, your strengths and your weaknesses. A custom bike is more than a mode of transportation, it is a vehicle of self-expression. 

How Does This Work?

We make it simple to turn your imagination into reality. We discuss the fundamentals of your project - geometry, materials, and components. This is usually followed by a comprehensive expert bike fit to determine size and build specs.  We simplify the technical steps so you can quickly get to the fun finishing touches, such as paint and decals. 

How Much is a Customized Bike?

The possibilities are infinite - it could mean making some upgrades or alterations to an existing bike or customizing every aspect of a new frame. From the paint to the anodized valve stems.  A customized bike can be built for the same price as many off-the-rack bikes. The price will be determined your level of detail, material, and component selections. 

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