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"Working Hard to Stay Small"

From the minds behind BMC and Cervelo

“What is truly amazing is the attention Open paid to making it work exceptionally well in every configuration. The U.P. doesn’t just accept different [wheel/tire] standards - each feels native.

Peloton Magazine

“The Open U.P. will change where you ride. A long-term review of this gravel/’cross/road bike proves that it really is as versatile as it promises. It feels natural on pavement and somehow still takes to the dirt like it was designed for it—a blend I’ve yet to experience with other bikes.”

Bicycling Magazine

“I really shouldn’t start my review with this, but I’m going to. The Open UPPER has become my all-time favorite bike. Period. End of story. If you buy one, you’ll love it.”


Open has seemingly sprung light years ahead, fully realising the potential of modern tyre, wheel and frame technology. This is truly a rare and exceptional bike, and one that has literally broken new ground.”

Cyclist Magazine UK


Ready To Paint 


C l e a r a n c e

The Open U.P. is designed to use road, road plus, and even mountain wheels with uniform handling. 

- 2.1" wide tires on mountain wheels
- 47mm tires on 650b wheels

The Open U.P. can be configured in a variety of ways for confident, fast, rides on all surfaces.  

Lots of
r o o m

The dropped chainstay has been copied by many but developed and perfected by Open. 

The result creates enough room for high volume tires without increasing the Q-Factor or sacrificing pedaling efficiency. Bonus: bottle bosses under the BB shell for a toolkit or fuel canister. 


It seems like every bike manufacturer has coined a phrase for their specific carbon layup. Open knows that what matters is:

The Right Carbon in The Right Spot ™
(TRCinTRS™, jokingly.)

Some manufacturers tout the benefits of their hi-modulus aerospace carbon but it is a fact that stiffer carbon is more brittle. 

Open uses the very stiff lightweight carbon where it can and the heavy-duty 'low modulus' carbon only where it really matters. Like most things, cabon layup is not as simple as black or white and Open has developed a lightweight yet durable blend. 

The Open U.P. frameset weights 1430g.

R O u t i n g

Running cables through the frame protects them from dirt and damage. It also produces a very modern, clean, look. Open U.P.(P.E.R) is compatible with 1x, 2x, mechanical drivetrains, Di2, and eTap. 

f l a t

The Open U-Turn fork is the first flatmount-specific disc brake fork of its kind. 

Designed for use only with 160mm rotors, the U-Turn fork uses direct-mount thru-bolts for a simpler, lighter, and stiffer brake setup. 


Run a road, road plus, or mountain wheelset to equip your bike for a variety of riding styles, each feeling like the native setup. 

🔧 Road tires make this bike a very fast road bike.
🔧 Cross/Gravel tires make this bike unstoppable on mixed terrains and tough urban commutes. 
🔧 650/Road Plus tires roll over rough terrain with ease and over pavement surprisingly fast due to road positioning of the rider. 

The bike comes in 2 models. Open U.P. and Open U.P.P.E.R. are identical in geometry, build quality, and ride feel.

Open U.P. is available in green, ready to paint, and blue. Open U.P.P.E.R. is available in only black and ready to paint. Open U.P.P.E.R. (880g) frameset weighs 180g less than Open U.P. (1040g).

The Open U.P. frameset is priced at $2900 and the Open U.P.P.E.R is priced at $4500. 


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