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Drive Train Cleaning

We remove all your drive train components, clean them using our heated, ultrasonic parts washer, reinstall and adjust them, then lubricate to ensure proper function.   Keep your components from wearing out prematurely with this premium service. $60

Let's Clean You Up

Maintenance Packages


Flats Fixed

We will completely remove your tire, find the source of your flat, give you tips to avoid more in the future, and install a brand new tube. 
10 + price of tube

Wheel Truing

Keeping your rims straight is one of the best things you can do to prolong the life and strength of your wheels. 

Spoke Replacement

If you ride a bike long enough you will eventually break a spoke or three.  We will perfectly select a replacement spoke, treat it with Wheel Smith Spoke Prep, and true and tension your wheel
25 + price of spoke


Tubeless Conversion

Install tubeless tape, tubeless valve, install tire, and sealant. 

Sealant Top Up

We'll remove the old sealant and replace with new. Sealant should be refreshed every six months. $15/Wheel

Tubeless Tire Install

Install new tubeless tire and new sealant. 


Brake Pad Install

This includes installing the new pads and readjusting the caliper or V brake for a perfect stop.
15+ price of pads

Caliper or V Brake Adjustment

If your brake is rubbing on your rim, making embarrassing squeaks, or just not working the way it should, we will adjust the brake cable tension, center the caliper, and clean the rims and pads.

Disc Brake Pad Install

We have both sintered and organic disc brake pads ready to install. 
20 + price of pads  

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*The prices shown are for labor only and do not include the cost of parts or additional services required to repair your problem or complete your upgrade.

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Backed by over 20 years of experience and garnished with up-to-date knowledge on the latest tech. We are qualified to work on your Shimano Di2, SRAM AXS, Campagnolo EPS, and all fine mechanical groupsets. Our toolkit includes a total bike wash and ultrasonic parts cleaner for precise performance of your finest machinery. You can expect the same level of service usually reserved for UCI Pro Tour & The World Cup Circuit right here in Haverford, Pennsylvania.