More than a test ride

We offer ENVE SES Wheelsets, Open Cycle Builds, and TERN E-Cargo Bike Demos. Demos are using the bike in the way it was intended, more than a couple of laps on a side street. Take an Open U.P. to The Wiss, run a lightweight carbon ENVE wheelset for an important race, or see what it's like to grocery shop and school run on an e-cargo bike. All demo fees are applied directly to your purchase. 

Available Demos

E-Cargo Bikes

Tern GSD and HSD 

Equipped with your preferred accessories

Try a Tern GSD or HSD in your everyday lifestyle. Drop the kids off at school, take it to the grocery store with one of our local cycling clubs, or whatever else you would usually use your car for. 

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ENVE SES Wheelsets

ENVE SES 2.2-7.8 Rim and Disc

Demo fee includes installation, brake adjustment, and gear adjustment. 

Borrow a set of ENVEs for an important race this season or test out a couple of different profiles before you buy an ENVE SES Carbon wheelset of your own. 

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Open Cycle Custom Builds

Open U.P. 

Demo fee includes a basic bike fit, setup of your demo bike to your preferences, and a trail pass. 

Take an Open U.P. through the hills of Gladwyne to the Wissahickon for a complete All-Road experience the Open U.P. was made for. 

call or email to reserve

Call or Email to Reserve: 610-228-2971