Contactless Repairs & Online Savings

Contactless Repairs & Online Savings

Our shop has been closed to the public since March 17th, before any government mandates were made. We are a locally owned and operated bike shop. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our community. We are offering contactless repair, curbside pickup, and online savings to keep our staff and customers healthy. 

Contactless Repair:
- Email us to schedule your drop off.
- Leave your bicycle outside of our door. When you are 6ft away, our Head Mechanic will come outside and disinfect the bike. 
- Our Head Mechanic will email with you to discuss your repair.
- Payment for parts and labor can be made over the phone or on our website.
- At your scheduled pickup time, our Head Mechanic will bring your disinfected bike to the pick-up/drop-off zone in front of our shop. 

Curbside Pickup: 
All of our parts and products are available for contactless, cashless, curbside pickup. Email us to get your order started or shop our new web store. We are adding more products daily. 

Online Savings:
Many brands that we work with are offering special savings during the Coronavirus crisis. We are updating our online store with these specials to reflect the best possible deals available. 

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