From The Work Bench:  Project One Emonda SLR

From The Work Bench: Project One Emonda SLR

This post is the first in our new blog series "From The Work Bench". We will explore the details of some of our more interesting repairs, exceptional upgrades, and beautiful bikes. Read on for a close-up view you can only see From The Work Bench

Project One Emonda SLR

Dave's Emonda SLR Project One

Reason for visit:
Creaking bottom bracket, general pre-season tune

Diagnosis: "Chain is .5 stretch - 11s Chain replace needed. Bike has hg 901. In stock @$50 or hg701@ 40. Rear rotor 1.67, Front Rotor 1.66. Pads good F&R. DT dirty. Di2 Wireless unit hitting frame, cable slack hidden in down tube"

Solution: Replace wearables, tidy wires, flash Di2, Drive Train Drop, and bottom bracket replacement. Customer chose CeramicSpeed BB90. 

Dura Ace Crankset
[Removing the drive train components for the Ultrasonic Parts Washer , available as a standalone service for $60.]

 [A hard-working crankset after a buzz through the parts washer.]

[Preparing the CeramicSpeed bearings for installation.]



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