How To Ship Your Bike To The Race

How To Ship Your Bike To The Race

We are now a TriBike Transport Partner Shop! 

TriBIke Transport is the premier bike transport service for triathletes. Your bike will arrive at your race with your fit numbers intact. 
How It Works: 
  1. Sign up on
  2. Drop your bike off to a partner shop (us!) about one week before your race. 
  3. You can even bring a wheel bag and gear bag for a small additional fee. You don't need to drag your wetsuit into the airport anymore! 
  4. A TriBike Transport vehicle will pick up your bike from us, still assembled. 
  5. Your bike will be driven or flown to your race, never leaving the possession of TriBike Transport. 
  6. TBT can even shuttle your bike to T1 so you don't have to. 
  7. After your race, your bike will automatically come back to the shop for pickup or post-race repairs. 

Still have questions? Give us a call: 610-228-2971

Have you already seen our offer for triathletes looking for a sponsor? Sign up now with your USAT# here:

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