Main Line Greenway Spring 2020 Update

Main Line Greenway Spring 2020 Update

The Main Line Greenway Alliance is an egalitarian group dedicated to creating an alternative-transportation route through Philadelphia's Main Line. Some participants met this week via Zoom to discuss the project. (Not pictured: Eric Hartman, Executive Director of the Center for Peace and Global Citizenship) The Main Line Greenway Alliance has grown by 3, including interns from Haverford College! Matt Katz is on lockdown in New York so it will be exciting to see how he and Omar Deitcher can innovate together, remotely. 

Main Line Greenway Alliance

The Main Line Greenway has a new concept draft logo created by Jean Burock. Jean is a local graphic designer and cyclist. 

Narberth Cycling Club met with their local leaders to discuss some rapid implementation strategies that "accommodate the needs of all residents". This is especially important now as many people need to take alternative methods of transportation and more socially-distant routes. 

Rapid Implementation

Lou Savastani created this flyover video of the proposed route of The Main Line Greenway:

Social-distancing has forced the project to adapt. To celebrate Bike Month, The Eastern section of The Main Line Greenway has been mapped. We are asking local cyclists who feel comfortable, to ride the route. Running from Laurel Hill to Haverford College, local cyclists, roller skaters, scooter-riders, and all other alternative users of the road can join in on the project at any time however from May 1 - May 31, you can get in on the action with local participants of The Main Line Greenway Alliance below. Check it out! 


Get Involved!
Ride the Main Line Greenway during Bike Month! May 1 - May 31.

Click below to learn more about the event:

Posted by Narberth Cycling Club on Thursday, April 30, 2020