MontCo Knows The Trails Are Crowded

MontCo Knows The Trails Are Crowded

[Photo by Jeff Moreno, Staff Photographer at The Inquirer]

Lockdown orders and warm temperatures are making folks antsy. Ask any semi-avid cyclist and they will tell you the bicycle throughways and trails of Greater Philadelphia are the most crowded they have ever been. Montgomery County Planning Commission has released a smart Bike Route Web App to free up trail space and introduce cyclists (and all other alternative-road users) to some new routes and ride ideas. 

MontCo Bike Routes Map

The tool uses "LTS" which they describe as "Level of Traffic Stress" to suggest the best way from A to B with bicycles in mind. 

Level of Traffic Stress Legend

Check out the tool for yourself at this link and let us know if you find any new routes! While you're at it, Check out The Mainline Greenway!