Yuba Boba Boda Bag Solution

Yuba Boba Boda Bag Solution

        Figuring out the best way to load up a bike is not always straightforward. When the payload includes groceries and children, things can be even more complicated
        A local family brought their brand new Yuba Boba Boda into the shop. They had recently installed an electric assist system and needed a longer chain. After installing an E-Bike ready Shimano chain, it was time to come up with a bag solution for this bike.

        Oversized tubing and the Yepp Maxi seat created a unique set of problems to solve. The stirrups of the seat interfered with panniers and there was not enough room to comfortably slide the seat forward. We decided to re-purpose part of a  rear rack into a trunk rack. It aligned perfectly with the existing mounts on the back of the Yuba. We custom-fabricated a lower mounting bracket and the system was ready to roll. 

        Our customer selected the Ortlieb Bike Shopper Pannier Bag which is conveniently available as a single bag. This bag easily lifts on and off the rack and converts from a pannier to a tote-style shopping bag. Now when the child grows out of the Yepp Maxi Seat, this family can mount two more traditional panniers and have a huge amount of carrying capacity. 

        Consultations and safety checks at MECHANIC / bicycle pro shop are always free. Stop by the shop and we can help you select racks and bags that fit your lifestyle. 

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