SES 2.2


1302 Grams

Designed to Climb Mountains

The ENVE 2.2 wheelset is the ultimate climbing wheel system. 

Demos and Rentals Available

Developed In-Frame

Wind Tunnel Tested

Demos and Rentals Available

Molded Carbon Brake Track

Designed to Descend

On the SES 2.2, the brake surface is molded into the carbon fiber of the rim, providing a 30% increase in stopping power compared to other braking surfaces. Because the 2.2 was designed to be ridden through mountain ranges, brakes perform as well wet as they do on dry conditions. 

Demos and Rentals Available


Demos and Rentals Available

For a Day or for a Race

Demos and Rentals

We have a complete fleet of ENVE demo wheels available to "try before you buy" or rent for an important race. For $100/24 hours, take a pair of SES 2.2's out for a spin. If you decide you like them, we will apply your demo fee toward your brand new wheelset. 

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