SES 4.5


1596 Grams

Get Big Air

The SES 4.5 wheelset is designed for 28mm tubeless/tubular tires with exceptional aerodynamic performance. 

Demos and Rentals Available

Rim or Disc Ready

Ready for Roubaix

Demos and Rentals Available

Rim or Disc

Brake-Specific Construction

SES 4.5 disc wheels are not just a rim brake hoop with no braking track. The 4.5 rim and disc models are constructed to optimize their respective braking systems. The 4.5 disc features a disc-specific laminate. The resulting wheel is as stiff and impact resistant as a rim brake wheel but significantly lighter weight. 

Demos and Rentals Available


Demos and Rentals Available

For a Day or for a Race

Demos and Rentals

We have a complete fleet of ENVE demo wheels available to "try before you buy" or rent for an important race. For $100/24 hours, take a pair of SES 4.5's out for a spin. If you decide you like them, we will apply your demo fee toward your brand new wheelset. 

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