Multi-Vitamin Supplement (90 Tablets)
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Multi-Vitamin Supplement (90 Tablets)

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MultiV’s clinically effective formula meets the specific micronutrient needs of endurance athletes, easing carb digestion, increasing endurance, and supporting the immune system. It lays the ideal foundation for building a base and maintaining race-ready fitness all year long.


✓ Supports immune system
✓ Daily micronutrition for endurance athletes
✓ Boosts oxygen efficiency and increases time to exhaustion
✓ Formulated with clinically effective ingredients


Multi-V is unlike any other multivitamin available. This unparalleled formulation contains a number of special ingredients (besides vitamins and minerals) that address the unique requirements of endurance athletes.

In addition to having the highest-quality, most bio-available vitamins and chelated minerals available, this special endurance formula delivers clinically effective doses of digestive enzymes that improve carbohydrate utilization and time to exhaustion, Green Tea for improved endurance capacity and fat utilization, and Zinc for enhanced muscle recovery.


Endurance MultiV is the only multivitamin that contains a patented enzyme blend that’s been clinically proven to improve carbohydrate utilization and increase time to exhaustion by 43%. You won’t find this in any other endurance products.

Clinical studies on elite cyclists demonstrated how these enzymes break down multi-chain carbohydrates into simple glucose. What’s really unique about these enzymes is that even with this fast breakdown of carbohydrates, insulin sensitivity is blunted. With no insulin spike, your blood sugar remains elevated for many hours so it can fuel working muscles and improve performance.



The antioxidant profile in Multi-V is unequaled. Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) testing is recognized as the “gold standard” for measuring antioxidant protection against oxidative damage. Multi-V is one of the first products to utilize this important technology to ensure superior antioxidant protection. This new testing method allows nutrients to be qualified in their antioxidant capacity with a number. Multi- V contains some of the highest tested nutrients found, with ORAC values of 8,000 units or more, and guarantees this with thorough analytical tests. In addition, Multi-V contains an antioxidant support blend that includes bioflavanoids, turmeric extract, grape seed extract and alpha lipoic acid. These antioxidants are widely considered to be the best antioxidants available. This is one of the many ways Multi-V helps protect endurance athletes from the stresses and demands of everyday training and racing.

Every athlete probably knows of antioxidants for their health benefits, but can antioxidants make an athlete faster? How do antioxidants fit into an athlete’s regimen for performance and recovery? What exactly is an antioxidant? Tending to look first at products for performance and then at recovery systems, athletes often overlook antioxidants. Crucial not only for the health of the cardiovascular system, they can also aid in performance and recovery. For many years scientists as well as consumers have known of the antioxidant powers of vitamins E & C and selenium. Today, this category has expanded to include oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), alpha lipoic acid, grape skin, grape seed, beta-carotene, lutein, tocopherols, tocotrienols and various other compounds. It can certainly be confusing since so many supplements, both traditional and newly introduced, can be classified as antioxidants.


Amino Acid Chelate (AAC) Protected by US Patent# 5,516,925

Multi-V uses a unique form of iron called Ferrochel®. This iron source is organically bonded to amino acid chelates (AAC), forming a highly stable bio-available bond. Unlike iron as ferrous fumarate, iron AAC does not compete with the absorption of some minerals like calcium. In addition, there are no toxicity issues so it’s also very safe.

Iron is a trace mineral required for red blood cell formation. In addition, iron plays a critical role in numerous body functions including enzyme systems, neurotransmission, collagen formation and immune system function. Of particular importance is the role iron plays in the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin — the proteins that carry oxygen in the blood and muscle tissue.
Iron balance is determined by losses and dietary intake. The body can lose iron via blood, urine, or sweat. Certain circumstance may make athletes more likely to experience iron loss. It has been shown that a significant percentage of runners experience small amounts of gastrointestinal bleeding after runs longer than 10 km. Another possible source is referred to as “foot-strike hemolysis”. In this situation a small number of red blood cells burst in the vessels of the feet, due to the pounding of running on a hard surface. Most of the iron in free hemoglobin can be reclaimed, but some is filtered out into the urine. If the exercise is unusually severe, damaged muscle cells will spill myoglobin into the blood where the kidneys will excrete it in the urine.


The primary active constituents of ginkgo biloba are ginkgo flavone glycosides and terpene lactones, which are standardized in high quality material. The flavone glycosides including quercetin are responsible for the antioxidant properties of ginkgo biloba extract. The terpene lactones, which include ginkgolides A, B and C, as well as bilobalide, possess neuroprotection, improvement of choline (a neurotransmitter) uptake in brain synapses and inhibition of platelet activating factor (which reduces the tendency of the blood to clot). Laboratory and clinical studies have found a great deal of support for the majority of claims made for the therapeutic use of ginkgo biloba extract. Recently ginkgo has been studied for its ability to prevent acute mountain sickness (AMS) through nitric oxide metabolism and peripheral and cerebral blood flow. Ginkgo’s ability to improve oxygen use and peripheral circulation is of particular importance to endurance athletes.


Enzymes are a special type of protein. Enzymes help the body’s chemistry work better and more quickly. Each enzyme usually has its own chemical job to do, such as helping to change starch into glucose (sugar).

Clinical studies on elite athletes showed the enzymes in MultiV break down multi-chain carbohydrates into simple glucose. This is important for endurance athletes because glucose is readily accessible and useable for working muscles. What’s really unique about Carbogen is that even with this fast breakdown of carbohydrates, there is no effect on insulin. This is important because it doesn’t create an insulin spike. Blood glucose remains elevated for many hours.

In summary, the clinical study resulted in:

– Increase in blood glucose levels during high-intensity exercise by 23%

– Sustained increase in blood glucose levels for 5 hours

– Decrease in the accumulation of blood lactate by 58% average

– Increase in time to exhaustion by 43%

– Decreased rate of perceived exertion (RPE).




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